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What we do

Each month we'll highlight an area & show you our favourite places to run & eat. Next month it's Snowdonia.

We're also building content so we can be the most valuable resource there is on the web regarding running & nutrition.

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Our vision

Hi, I'm Sarah Ridgway. I'm building this website to be a place to go when you are confused about all the conflicting information on the web, but I need your help to do it well.

Our aim is to provide an online resource that debunks the myths and gives runners the tools to develop their personal knowledge so that they have the confidence to avoid the fads & set themselves in the right direction. Each month we'll be developing content in the topic areas of:

  1. training and technique
  2. health and safety
  3. navigation/route planning
  4. nutrition

We'll also throw in a bonus route to run as well as a handy nutrition calculator to help you determine how you should best fuel yourself for a particular run.

To do this well, it's a full-time job. To do it beautifully, it's even more. That's why the content we build will be subscription-based, and why you, as a patron, get exclusive benefits and access to it. In five years time, when we reach our goal of being the most comprehensive and inspiring resource for running and nutrition, you will have joined us along the way while learning and improving.

My previous experience as a scientist (I have a PhD in marine parasitology, but bear with me here...) gave me skills to understand how to research information and teach myself. That confidence allowed me to set up the first mountain running training and guiding service in the UK: Run Snowdonia.

It also instilled in me the importance to not only keep learning (I've gained certification in Nutrition, Outdoor Guiding and First Aid, a Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Online Education), but also to apply those skills to achieve a goal (e.g. racing competitively and representing Wales Internationally in mountain running).

Ok, so this is reading a little like a CV... but essentially I want to prove to you that I'm the right person for this project. All these skills combined give me a unique versatility to help people access inspirational and educational content that continues to build in value over time. 

At the moment the build and development will be done by myself. I'm a website developer, so I have the fantastic opportunity to create unique and inspiring content that is also well-archived. I hope, with sufficient support, to employ people to help us grow to be the best resource there is on the web.

Join in with your support and help me make something amazing.

Why support us?

  • Our mission & goals

    If we are to inspire people to learn and apply new skills, as well as build on existing skills, then we need to think about making that resource valuable in the long term.

    Rather than a plethora of articles clogging up the web, I'm developing a system that allows information to be built on over time that is both easily searchable but also beautifully presented. With a Postgraduate Certificate in Online Education (2006 - The University of Southern Queensland, Australia) that focussed on Instructional Design, my vision is to produce content that becomes increasingly robust, as well as seeking peer review and input.

  • The problem

    So much information today is poorly researched and/or based on pseudoscience . Then don't even get me started about marketing influence for product promotion & inflated, insincere posts for self-recognition.

    Unfortunately, effective campaigns, optimised for you to find them online, will win over science most of the time. Social media and passive sharing compound the problem.

    Do a simple google search and you'll get a load of top 10 faddy things to do. Or be a little more proactive and refine the topic and you'll find conflicting information runs rampant. One day you may learn that coconut oil is pretty amazing stuff, only to later learn that it will kill you.

    Then, if you do find some great content, the design and layout can be uninspiring or filled with ads and pop-ups, making it appear less credible. No wonder everyone gets confused.

  • The plan

    We'll seek out, research & provide the most extensive resource about a topic that you'll ever need. But we won't overload you! We'll also make sure to reference those who deserve to be credited.

    Rather than spew out 10 vague ways to tie your shoelaces, that you'll likely never implement... (which one??? arghhhh) we'll teach you the fundamentals. We'll help you understand first about your feet, then about your shoes, and then how YOUR shoelaces should be tied for YOU.

    Once you accept that learning and expertise take time, you'll stop wanting to learn everything all at once. It's not achievable. However, if you learn just a few things a month, but take the time to enjoy that learning, you'll retain that information for life. Those fundamental principals can then be applied to other things relevant to you.

    We'll also support you the next time you read a story about food that strikes an emotional chord. Instead of becoming emotionally susceptible, or perhaps unthinkingly sharing it with everyone you know, we'll help you calm down and simply empower yourself with the tools to interpret it properly.

  • The ultimate resource

    We are dedicated to making this website not only the most informative, but also the most beautiful, inspiring & down-to-earth one that you'll find.

    Our goal is to be independent of social media in 5 years. In short, we want to be the place that you actively come to when you need to enrich your life.

    We also believe that beauty, humour and an honest, good story to tell, are just as valuable as facts. We won't 'talk things up' but we'll proudly define achievements.

    Living a life where running and good food provides such simple meaningfulness in our own lives, we want to be able to support you to find balance in how it fits into yours.

    Because we all still want to be running in our 80's right?


Design & inspiration

I'm a firm believer that things are better learnt if they are beautifully presented. It show's someone has taken the time to consider the topic & is passionate about it becoming more valuable over time.

The style of this website is one that evolves from an architecture based on functionality as well as the environment around us. The content will strive to be constructed in a well-archived format, while its presentation will break out of the normal mould, encouraging you to actively seek out and digest the information. Dynamic aspects of our environment, such as the colours of the landscape, will also be built in.

Each month I'll draw on inspiration from a designer. For this month, the graphic layout is the direct influence of Hans Neuburg (1904-1983), one of the pioneers of the Swiss "constructive" graphic design style. Neuburg's goal was to achieve functionally designed products that were also aesthetic but without ornaments.

The colours chosen are those that predominate in February in Snowdonia, but that also follow some logic regarding colour theory. As a supporter, you'll get insights into this design process as it develops. At the initial stages, we will be localised in Snowdonia, but as we grow and get more support, we'll be able to extend the site to make it relevant to your location too.

I am hoping that, by applying careful consideration to all these aspects, the learning and inspiration potential of this website is greatly enhanced.